Ways to Reduce Slip and Fall Accidents in Workplaces

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Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are very common in workplaces and business areas. The effect of the slip and fall might vary in each of the accidents. In some cases, it can result in some minor injuries. In other cases, the effect can be detrimental. Head injuries, sprains, broken bones can all result from a slip and fall accident in the workplace.

The risk of slip and fall in the workspace can be reduced by proper maintenance of the area. The whole area should be managed well so that the safety of the customers, as well as the employees, can be assured.

Here are some suggestions which can help in reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents in workplaces.

Keep the Walkways Clear and Clean

It is important to keep the walkway clear of any kind of obstructions. The presence of any obstructions on the walking path can cause tripping over. It should also be ensured that there is no spillage or any other object on the walkway, which can cause a slipping accident.

Ensure Proper Lighting

There must be proper lighting provided on the staircases and walkways so that there will be less chance of slipping and falling. Darkness or shadows can hide the hazards, which can cause the fall of the person walking in that way.

Place Signs Wherever Necessary

There must be signs placed at the required positions so that those who are walking by that way will be properly warned about the possible dangers. The usage of reflective tapes can prove to be very helpful in such cases.

Use Proper Footwear

In the workplace, proper footwear with needed traction should be used. The footwear that is used especially by the employees must be the ones ideal for the condition in which they are working.

Manage the Cords and Wires Properly

If the power cables or the cables of the internet or phone are kept open in the walkways, it can turn out to be an obstacle and cause the fall of a visitor. Therefore, it should be made sure that the cords and wires are properly run on the walls or under a carpet, wherever it will not pose a threat to the one walking by.

Use Rugs on Slippery Surfaces

In slippery places, especially outside the bathroom door, it is wise to put some rugs so that one who walks by will not slip and fall.

Keep these tips in mind so that you can reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents in your workplace. In case you meet with such an accident, seek the help of a slip and fall lawyer who can help you earn compensation for the damages.

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