Three Misconceptions about California Slip and Fall Law

Slip And Fall Lawyer
Slip And Fall Law

Every single second of every single day, someone somewhere in the US would fall, as per the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Falls are the main cause of both injuries and demise of older US citizens, and these types of accidents often lead to major injuries among those who are younger too. For many people, slip and fall is still an area of law which is covered in mystery. There are many misconceptions about not just slip and fall, but about premises liability law in general. A California slip and fall lawyer discusses some of the main misconceptions about it below.

If One Falls in a Business Establishment, He or She Can Automatically Sue

People often feel that when they fall in a business property, it is automatically that business’s fault, and that they are entitled to sue it. Under the premises liability law of California, facts which allow one to take a legal action against another party will emerge when the business acted in a negligent way. Negligence could include an array of actions, like applying an inappropriate floor wax that is known to cause slip and falls, or failing to fix a broken step which the concerned business owner was aware of. Without proof of negligence, it is not possible to sue a business party for your injuries related to it.

Slip and Falls Occur Only To Older Individuals

It can happen to any person. Whether you are a youngster or an elderly person, you could fall in a public place or a store. Buy, elderly people often file lawsuits as their injuries are more severe because of their age.

Cases of Slip and Fall Seldom Result in Large Settlement Amounts

In contrast to this, there have been many high-profile and multi-million dollar settlements that involve slip and fall injury in the last few years. The injured ones might just be able to pursue compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and ongoing disability. In fact, the amount of compensation to which one is entitled will also depend on the strength of his or her case, in addition to the extent of his or her damages. Consult with an injury attorney today for more information about what your legal rights are with regards to this.

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