Things You Need to Know about Slip and Fall Injury Cases

Slip And Fall Attorney
Slip And Fall Cases

Slip and fall is a circumstance where a person is injured after they tripped, slipped or fell on another person’s property. Slip and fall injury cases are a part of premises liability claims. The basic argument behind these types of cases is that property owners have a responsibility in maintaining their property safely.

Slip and fall accidents usually occur unexpectedly and you should know what to do if such a thing happens to you. The best choice always is to choose a slip and fall attorney as they can help you with the further proceedings of your case. 

Common Types of Slip and Fall Accidents 

The different types of slip and fall accident cases include accidents that occur from slippery surfaces, icy surfaces, unsafe flooring, poor lighting and visibility, etc. 

Who is Liable?

Property owners are the people who are most liable in most of the slip and fall cases. To succeed on a slip and fall case, the person who brings the case against the other should prove that the owner of the property owes a duty of care to the injured and that the duty of care was breached. They will also have to prove that the breach caused injuries to the person and that he has suffered some damages because of the slip and fall. 

What are the damages that can be recovered in a slip and fall Injury case?

You can recover the economic as well as non-economic damages caused to you in the personal injury case. Different types of medical expenses that the injured should need to incur as a result of the injury. This can be the medical bills, bills related to the in-home assistance, etc. which is more important for elderly individuals if they are the ones who were the victims of a slip and fall.

You will also be able to recover the future medical care costs and also for lost wages. This will come into action in every situation where you are injured due to a slip and fall accident making it difficult for you to return to your work. The cost of medications and rehabilitation can also be recovered by the plaintiff. He may also be qualified for getting compensation for the non-economic damages he/she has incurred. Lack of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, etc. can fall into the category of non-economic losses faced by the plaintiff.

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