Things That Can Ruin your Slip and Fall Claims

Slip and Fall Attorney
Slip and Fall Claims

Slip and fall incidents can be extremely embarrassing and painful. They can also cause a lot of harm, and in the aftermath, be frustrating if caused by the negligence of others. The latter mainly involves situations such as cleaners failing to set a “wet” signboard while cleaning a floor, failing to notify of a prevailing dangerous condition on a property, etc.

You may be at a grocery store, shopping mall, restaurant, workplace, or other place when you suddenly lose your balance and fall down. While some slip and fall injuries are mild, others can result in severe injuries and property damage. Thankfully, it is possible to sue the people whose negligence caused the accident, and also obtain financial compensation for damages. Sadly, most people lack knowledge on how to properly proceed post a slip-and-fall accident, and tend to take the wrong steps. Such missteps can ruin chances at winning any slip and fall claims. In order to give you an in-depth idea regarding the same, some of the potential slip-and-fall claim don’ts are listed below.

Not Reporting the Case to the Manager

Some people would be extremely embarrassed after slipping and falling, and may rush out of the premises as fast as they could. This can be a grave mistake, since legally, the first step that you must take post a slip and fall incident is report it to the manager or a higher authority there. Aside from that, you can ask the official to make out an incident report and give you a copy. It is better yet if you can collect CCTV footage of the incident.

Apologizing for the Fall

Most people are wont to say sorry instantly after they fall down, even if they were not at fault. Such a habit can ruin their chance at winning a slip and fall claim. The opposite party is allowed legally to assume your apology is an acceptance of fault. Hence, never apologize to anyone before it is determined who is at fault. It is to be noted that consulting a well-versed slip and fall attorney would be the most expedient path to that objective.

Not Collecting Contact Information from Witnesses

After the slip-and-fall accident, make sure to collect the contact details from witnesses if any. Note that their statement can help your slip and fall attorney in proving your injury claim’s validity. Additionally, collect as many pieces of evidence from the spot as you can, especially photographs and videos.

Ignoring Medical Assistance

Some falls may seem mild and leave you with hardly any injuries. However, you cannot rule out chances of internal damage; therefore, it is in your best interest to head on to a nearby hospital to have yourself checked out. Besides, the insurance company may offer you the least settlement amount if they figured out that your injuries were not so serious, and that you often skip your doctor’s appointments.

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