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When you slip and fall, your pride is likely to get hurt and you may try to rush out of the premises as fast as you can. This is one of the main mistakes that most people are likely to make post slip and fall cases. On a related note, never let your embarrassment steer you away from standing up for your rights. Hence, if you got involved in slip and fall cases, the first thing that you must do is to seek medical assistance for your injuries. Secondly, collect as many pieces of evidence as you can from the incident spot. Thirdly, consult a well-versed slip and fall lawyer and file a lawsuit against the premise authority.

Note that it is recommended to consider an attorney who is specialized exclusively in slip and fall cases rather than a personal injury lawyer. The former will be able to analyze the case efficiently and provide the pieces of evidence to obtain maximum compensation for the victim when compared to the latter. Anyhow, when you hire a slip and fall lawyer, make sure that he/she asks for the following things from you. It is worth noting that the following points are important to prove the negligence of the opposite party as well as to calculate your damages.

An explanation of the event

The first thing that a credible slip and fall lawyer is likely to ask the victim is the detailed explanation of the incident. Only after listening to your side of the story, they will be able to document a favorable case sheet. They might ask you the important details such as the date of the incident, time of day, physical circumstances, the number of people who witnessed the incident, the cause of the incident, etc.

Photographs of the incident scene

One of the crucial factors that will let your slip and fall lawyer prove your innocence, as well as the negligence of the opposite party, is the photographs taken from the accident scene. Make sure to click photographs from every angle and click some pictures of your injuries as well. In simple words, anyone must be able to understand the unfavorable condition of the property and the severity of your injury by looking at these photographs.

The contact information of the witnesses

Just like the photographs taken from the accident scene, the contact information of the witnesses is also very important. A decent attorney would contact the witnesses right away since their memory may fade as the time passes. Plus, they can illustrate the whole incident in the best light and this will surely favor your case.

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