Is A Lawyer Necessary In A Slip And Fall Case

Slip And Fall Lawyer
Slip And Fall Cases

In most of the potential injury cases, the help of a lawyer is inevitable. It is not different in the case of slip and fall. The sooner a lawyer’s help is sought, the easier the procedures will be.

The Need of a Lawyer

 In some cases like that of a small car accident, a lawyer is not necessarily needed. The mistake of the defendant will be very clear and hence it can be settled easily. But in the case of a slip and fall, mostly, the defendant’s mistake will not be clear and hence it is difficult to make a claim. Also, the insurers usually hesitate to acknowledge liability to an unrepresented person. Therefore if you or your loved one has a slip and fall case and you haven’t hired a lawyer, you will not get very far with your case.

The Work of the Lawyer

Firstly, the lawyer has to get the attention of the defendant and the insurance company. Without that it is impossible to settle a personal injury case.

Secondly, the lawyer has to prove the liability of the defendant. It should be proved that the defendant was negligent and that his negligence contributed to you being injured. This can be very easy in a car accident case, but very complex and difficult in a slip and fall case. The lawyer will have to find out the way in which you fell and also the reason for the same. The reason can be any and the defendant cannot be held responsible for all of them. The lawyer will have to examine the scene thoroughly and come up with valid points to make the defendant accountable.

The premises where you slipped and fell must be examined and found if it is constructed abiding by the state laws.

Thirdly, the lawyer will have to prove the damage that happened to you. This is not restricted to the physical damage but also extends to the loss of pay you had in the consecutive days of your fall and associated difficulties that you faced. The lawyer must obtain your employer’s pay records, tax forms etc. Also the necessary medical records and bill must be obtained by the lawyer. If it seems necessary, a letter from the doctor can also be obtained. Moreover, the lawyer must get a clear idea of the physical pain that you suffer so that he can express things in a better way before the insurer.

Thus it is practically good to have a slip and fall lawyer in settling slip and fall cases.

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