Slip And Fall Cases
Slip And Fall Cases

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, it can happen at home or at the workplace or any other place. The main reasons for these kinds of accidents are wet floor and obstacles in the path. Whatever be the cause, if a person is met with a slip and fall accident he is eligible to get compensation from the land owner or the person who is responsible to maintain the place. There are mainly three factors that determine the settlement amount in all the slip and fall cases and these are as follows.

Negligence of the Accused

The first thing that is investigated in a slip and fall accident is that if the person who is responsible to maintain the accident site had done it properly or not. If the accident happened due to carelessness of the accused, that is, if it is caused due to leakage of pipes or uneven flooring, which the accused could have repaired, the person will be held liable for the accident and will be asked to compensate the plaintiff for the injuries and also for the expenses incurred due to the accident.

Role of the Plaintiff

An accident can take place and a person can get injured either due to the negligence of another person or due to the action of the injured party. Therefore, for calculating the settlement of a slip and fall accident, it is necessary to evaluate the role of the plaintiff. If it is proved that the injured person had contributed to the event, he or she will have to accept their mistake and a proportion of the amount will be reduced from the total estimated compensation as liability of the plaintiff.

The intensity of the Injuries

This is one of the major factors that is determining the settlement amount of a slip and fall accident. The injuries of an accident can be minor bruises and wounds or can range to permanent disabilities. The settlement of the case depends on the intensity of the accident. If the injury is small, the accused will have to pay only a small amount but if it is fatal they will have to pay a lump sum amount.

For a case of slip and fall accident, the plaintiff can demand not only the amount expended for recovering from the injury but also all the expenses such as attorney fee, future medical fee, etc. from the accused and he or she is liable to pay the same.

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