5 Things to do after you Had a Slip and Fall

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It is estimated that more than one million Americans suffer slip and fall injuries every year. The causes of the slip and fall accident can be many. Flooring problems and obstacles on floors are the main causes of the slip and fall accidents. Torn carpets and narrow stairs can also cause the slip and fall. In order to make a slip and fall claim, you must be able to prove that the property owner or the tenant is responsible for your slip and fall accident.

The slip and fall accidents can be same level falls or elevated level falls. The falls from elevated places can be more dangerous and injurious than the same level falls. Whatever be the kind of slip and fall or whatever be the reason behind it, there are certain things you need to do after you suffer the fall. These are very important because they can affect the legal claim that you make after the fall. Below explained are these important things.

  • After the fall, get the medical assistance as soon as possible. Even if you had only a minor injury, it is wise for you to take medical help because this can help you in future while making your claim. The medical help will assure your good health and also it will document the injuries that you got from the accident. These documents will be crucial in your claim against the property owner.
  • Get the written witness statements of the people who witnessed your fall. Also make sure that you take the pictures of the place where you had the fall. If there was any particular obstacle that caused your fall, be certain to take pictures of that too. Make note of all the details related to the accident including the time, date, address of witnesses etc.
  • Give notice to the property owner about your fall. This must be done as early as possible. The owner or the manager of the property must know that you had a slip and fall in his property.
  • Abstain from posting something about the fall on the social media. Your posts can be used by the lawyers of the insurance company or of the property owner to move against your claim.
  • Seek the help of a slip and fall accident lawyer as soon as possible. Much of the important works concerning your claim must be made soon after the accident. An experienced slip and fall accident lawyer will know these and can help you to proceed further.

Slip and fall accidents occur very commonly. If you ever met with a slip and fall accident, be sure to follow these important things.

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