What to Consider When Remodeling your Kitchen

Many home renovation choices boil down to one thing: the overall kitchen remodeling cost. Most people wish to redesign and renovate their kitchen with trendy styles. You can grab a contractor for your remodeling project for a relatively affordable cost. However, the cost is not the only thing to consider when you are remodeling the room.

The Existing Kitchen Layout

Experts advise that you stick to the present layout of your kitchen to save funds and keep this project simple. Still, this does not necessarily mean that fresh cabinets should be in the same place as the old ones you will remove. However, leave the gas, electricity and plumbing systems where they are, and you will save money. So your sink and fridge may have to be in the same position, but you can include things such as open cabinets where there were closed ones.

You may have to add more water connections for dishwashers, ice makers, and sinks and upgrade the wiring in order to meet the present building code. However, do not move gas piping to make space for an oven or cooktop or reroute HVAC ductwork.

An Addition

People tend to remodel their kitchen to gain additional space. However, before knocking out your walls, just think about the expense of the additional space. You could put the money into high-end home appliances or quality cabinets instead of spending it on expansion.

If you are seeking more space, then look to adjacent areas and rooms where you will be able to take some space for this. For instance, taking from a mix of tinier rooms, such as pantry, bath, mudroom and laundry, and merging these into a more useful kitchen space makes sense. Then, talk about your project to a certified architect or kitchen planner. A fine space planner should reconfigure the ceiling, the windows or walls to make your kitchen space seem bigger without the cost of an addition.

Kitchen Appliances

Consider the pieces of equipment in your overall kitchen design. For example, if you want a big commercial range, know that the appliance’s weight may make it necessary for you to have more construction to strengthen the floor below it. A kitchen hood comes with installation instructions, which are meant for a duct of a particular size.

At an older house, you have to remove part of your ceiling or walls to upgrade or reroute the ducts. Each appliance you will place there will bring about some structural changes, so be sure that you have space for the equipment in your design.

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