Enjoying Maker’s Mark Cask Strength The Way It Was Meant

One of those whiskey brands that have remained unchanged and stood true to their products is Maker’s mark. One of their globally successful whiskeys, the Maker’s mark cask strength is the cut above the rest in every sense of the word. We will have a trip through how the Maker’s mark cask strength sets itself apart and what the deserving way to this bourbon is.

Maker’s Mark In All Its Glory: The Maker’s Mark Cask Strength

The perfect bourbon to sit back and sink into after a long hard week, the Maker’s mark cask strength’s fruity and rich notes will keep you guessing even after the hundredth sip. The lovely notes of cinnamon and honey give the right amount of sweetness and fiery spice, coupled with a hint of wood oak that gives a stage for all the other performers.

The star performers are undoubtedly the vanilla and the undertones of maple. The Maker’s mark cask strength is rich and full on the palate. You will immediately taste the notes for rye, spice, barley, nutmeg with a blend of butterscotch and vanilla.

Even if you have never been a fan of American whiskey, you will find yourself gravitated by the complex yet subtle mixture of flavours. Bourbon is generally known for its intense flavours and it would be a mistake if you skipped Maker’s mark cask strength.

The unique presentation and rich history of this 1953 founded American whiskey brand has further propelled the grandeur and makes you feel as though, you are part of something truly special.

The Good Ol’ Fashioned With Maker’s Mark Cask Strength

This is by far one of the best ways to enjoy the Maker’s mark cask strength. You can pop in a peel of lemon or any other citrus to help accentuate the vanilla and caramel undertones before your lips touch the rim of the old fashioned glass. You can simply muddle a sugar cube with a dash of water until you get nice sugary syrup. Fill the glass with a large ice or an ice ball; the large ice melts slowly and the flavour of the Makers cask strength is held in the glass way longer. Adding bitters will further deepen the flavour profile of the bourbon. Cut a peel and kiss it along the rim of the glass after you pour yourself a helping of the lovely bourbon. Your classic old fashioned with Maker’s mark cask strength bourbon is ready to be enjoyed.

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