Benefits And Used Of Different Types Of Masks

Since COVID-19 is spreading all across the world, most of the people are using face masks to prevent themselves from getting infected. However, there are so many different types of masks available in the market and each of them has special purposes. Therefore, it is necessary to use the suitable type of mask to prevent from infection. Some of the different types of face masks and their advantages are as follows.

Paper Mask

It is type of mask which is commonly used in kitchens. It is a mask made of 2 or three layers of paper and it is commonly used to prevent the heat and vapor from cooking to directly reach the nose. It is not capable of blocking any form of airborne infections. It is type of mask which is used to keep hygiene and not to get protection from any infections and diseases.

Surgical Mask

It is a type of loose fitting masks approved by the Food and Drug Authority. It is disposable mask which is commonly used by doctors, nurses, dentists, etc. while attending their patients. These masks are capable of preventing infection by blocking large droplets of body fluids that would come out of the mouth and nose. It also prevents sprays from coughs and sneezes from other people. However, most of the masks which are available in our drug stores may not be able to prevent infections because they are made with low quality mesh.


Respirator masks, commonly known as N95 masks are designed to prevent small airborne particles like virus from entering the body of the wearer. These types of masks are certified by CDC and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health to use for preventive purposes. It is also commonly used in places where toxic chemicals are dealt with. Since respirators are designed to fit the wearers face perfectly, it will restrict almost 95 percent of impurities from entering the nose and mouth of the user.

Since corona virus is spreading across the world very swiftly, many people are trying to prevent themselves from getting infected. Wearing a mask is one of the best ways to save ourselves from this virus. However, it is necessary to wear respirators or N95 masks for effective protection. If it is not available, surgical masks are the next best alternative available.

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